VOICEMAX TELECOM (UK) Limited, a leading provider for internet telephony solutions to Internet service providers, VOIP resellers & residential customers. Our wide range of services including Wholesale Termination, Customized PC2Phone, Calling card solutions, Customized Mobile dialers, Callback solution, Private labeled online billing solutions, Virtual calling cards, Callshop solutions, Multi-tier reseller solutions & international DID numbers...View More

Joining the VOICEMAX private label / White Label program to become a VoIP Service provider is easy and inexpensive and the program does not require any further commitment
VOICEMAX TELECOM provides Pc2phone solution with excellent features & quality by using GIPS technology.
If you are interested in offering only wholesale termination without any retail product, our Wholesale platform is the BEST option
Become a VOICEMAX reseller and enjoy the various benefits by reselling Voicemax’s enhanced VOIP solutions.
VOICEMAX TELECOM offers best quality callback cards in your brand name. Most competitive offer with promotional minutes!!. Rush, resell voicemax callback cards and earn big revenue.
VOICEMAX TELECOM introducing a new package which provides to topup mobile phone accounts of your friends & relatives in different parts of the world through our WEB enabled mobile topup system.
An ideal solution for medium sized Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), VOCIEMAX VoIP Billing System serves the billing needs of companies providing voice and data services
VOICEMAX TELECOM provides complete CALLSHOP solutions, if you are planning to start your own call shop business or you have many call shop customers, VOICEMAX billing solution will be the BEST choice

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